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AnnaLena Diner Review: Modern Canadian Food in Every Sense

AnnaLena Diner Vancouver Restaurant Review

Is this popular diner a great place for your next dining experience? Find out in this AnneLena Diner review.

Created by Vancouver-born chef Michael Robbins, AnnaLena is his idea of modern Canadian food. This diner was inspired by visits to his grandmothers’ homes when he was a child that he even named it after his grannies.

The interior painting and ambiance offer a good mix of his theme: minimalist punctuated with a number of familiar childhood elements. Guests love the gameboys embedded on the wall and the Lego sculpture as a focal point of the restaurant’s branding and design. There are also some modern touches, too, which makes the place a more comfortable environment for patrons. 

AnnaLena is lauded for its fantastic service. The staff is very warm, accommodating, and most importantly, attentive. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a restaurant inspired by grandmothers.

What can your tastebuds expect from AnnaLena, though? This dinner-only restaurant features Robbins’ style of food so expect it to be different from what he did during his time at the other Vancouver diners he cooked for before.

Robbins offer a more diverse take on Canadian cuisine. It’s not the most diverse and has an obvious Mediterranean leaning, but the food is exceptional, which explains the enthusiasm of his patrons. The menu is not extensive, but there are enough options to give you a good, satisfying meal every time.

Their bestsellers? The buttermilk chicken, oyster with shaved foie gras, beef, and bread all got rave reviews, so you might want to try those first.

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