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Tuc Craft Kitchen Review: Brunch and Casual Meals

Tuc Craft Kitchen Vancouver Restaurant Review

Brunch and Casual Meals

When Tuc Craft Kitchen opened a few years ago, it was immediately recognized for the high quality of the brunch offerings. Even back then, just about every Tuc Craft Kitchen Review wrote of their brunch offerings in glowing terms.

Today, they’re more of a lunch and dinner place though they remain casual and friendly in atmosphere. There’s still brunch, though that’s mainly reserved for Saturday, Sundays, and perhaps a few holidays here and there.


The place is wonderfully laidback and casual. Upon entry you’ll be welcomed by the rustic décor tinged with industrial chic, with high ceilings, reclaimed wood and worn timber paneling combining nicely with the steel accents and concrete floor. It starts with a main dining room, with a loft that’s suitable for large groups and an attractive fully stocked bar.

It’s hard to keep yourself from being charmed once you come in. The place seems warm and familiar somehow, and the buoyant vibe is uplifting for the soul. There’s no pretentiousness here, though—it’s just as if you’re visiting a home of a friend you’ve known all your life.  Continue reading “Tuc Craft Kitchen Review: Brunch and Casual Meals”