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AnnaLena Diner Review: Modern Canadian Food in Every Sense

AnnaLena Diner Vancouver Restaurant Review

Is this popular diner a great place for your next dining experience? Find out in this AnneLena Diner review.

Created by Vancouver-born chef Michael Robbins, AnnaLena is his idea of modern Canadian food. This diner was inspired by visits to his grandmothers’ homes when he was a child that he even named it after his grannies.

The interior painting and ambiance offer a good mix of his theme: minimalist punctuated with a number of familiar childhood elements. Guests love the gameboys embedded on the wall and the Lego sculpture as a focal point of the restaurant’s branding and design. There are also some modern touches, too, which makes the place a more comfortable environment for patrons.  Continue reading “AnnaLena Diner Review: Modern Canadian Food in Every Sense”

Vancouver Diners

Fable Diner Restaurant Review

Fable Diner Vancouver Restaurant Review

A Diner for the 21st Century

The “diner” concept seems a bit quaint nowadays in this age of millennial hipsters seeking the next trendy vegan menu to go along with their elaborate coffee concoctions and microbrew beers. Yet in the historic Lee Building in Vancouver where there’s been a diner in place since 1949, the Fable Diner continues to attract loyal patrons, and the typical Fable Diner review tends to give it high marks.


It’s a diner, and thus it’s quite casual and very friendly. There’s parking for cars and bikes, and it is wheelchair accessible too. The waiter service is extremely accommodating, and they take reservations and allow for take-out, though there’s no delivery service. They do have free Wi-Fi, and undoubtedly this helps keep the noise down to average levels.

It’s simply an unpretentious place where groups of friends can hang out, relax, and enjoy some comfort food. It does adhere to modern dietary trends, which is why it follows the farm-to-table philosophy so you can be assured that you’re munching on ethically grown and raised food.  Continue reading “Fable Diner Restaurant Review”