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Blue Water Café Vancouver Review

The Place to Go for Vancouver Seafood

For seafood fans in Vancouver, every “best of” list will invariably include the terrific Blue Water Café in Yaletown. They’re known for the quality of their seafood, and coming here without any intention of ordering seafood seems like a cardinal sin. The seafood is what brings the people in here, and it’s the main reason why every Blue Water Café Review gives it top marks. They’ve earned their place as the most highly regarded seafood restaurant in Vancouver since 2001, and it’s a reputation they’re not ready to shed any time soon.


This is a ritzy place, and you should realize that right away as the valet parking will set you back $12 at the onset. The room looks extremely classy, so you’re well-advised to dress up to match. There’s a coat check service as well. On the other hand, they’re quite gracious to their guests, and you’ll be accorded the utmost courtesy even when you arrive in ordinary street clothes.

The room upon entry is very striking, and you get a nice view of the Raw Bar as well as the Western yet Asian kitchen. The main bar leads to the nicely heated patio and several private dining rooms. They don’t do takeout or delivery, so these private rooms are best if you don’t care for crowds at the moment.

Along with the outdoor seating, they offer free Wi-Fi and quiet music in the background. Smoking isn’t allowed though. They do have bike parking too, and they’re also wheelchair-accessible.

They’re open for dinner from 5PM to 11PM. However, their partner Raw Bar is open from 4:30PM to 1AM.  Continue reading “Blue Water Café Vancouver Review”